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About us

At IDB Solutions Ltd , we don’t provide technology solutions alone. We provide business intelligence solutions that leverage technology and best practice. Our wide range of BI consulting services – from education, strategy and architecture to technical delivery in business information management – serve one purpose: to help you to drive profits and business performance by using better information and reporting tools.

Through our proven methodology, we work with you to identify key business challenges that can be addressed through business intelligence and reporting tools. We then build a long-standing partnership with you to build and launch a portfolio of high-impact business intelligence applications to address these challenges.

In addition to using the traditional methods of BI, we also use in-memory and mobile software solutions, to help you keep a finger on the pulse of your business and quickly address emerging problems before they have adverse business impacts.

IDB Solutions is leading UK's BI and system integration service provider. Since 2007 we help our clients to get to the highest level of success under various companies (E-Business Solutions, Miaz-Tech Ltd, IDB Solutions) but same leadership.

IDB Solutions Ltd was founded in 2015. The company provides solutions for MI, business automation, enterprise resource planning, data storing and processing, decision support and other domains. Since 2005 the company have been working on international market providing custom BI development. The company has completed more than 20 major projects.

Company's success is based on trusting collaboration with customers, system approach to any kind of productive activity, rich experience and deep expertise in modern IT. We endeavour to work so that each customer regardless of order size becomes our constant client.

What is Important For us?

Our mission is to boost competitiveness of the customers’ business via introduction of cutting edge Information Technologies and our innovative solutions.

Successful fulfillment of our mission is achieved due to the following factors:

Innovative approach

Reflected in our slogan, it highlights our ability to find original solutions of any complicated tasks, carry out innovative projects and research activities. Miaz-Tech is persistence in search, flexibility in solutions, stability in results.


We adhere to business ethic high foundations which inseparably link our success with success of customer’s business. These are integrity, transparency and privacy. Besides, collaboration schemas, which have been farmed for years, provide our clients with capability to control the process fully. Due to these facts we can affirm that entrusting the solution of your IT problems to us is the best way to insure your investments to IT

Competitive cost

The world experience shows that practice of outsourcing and IT-off shoring speeds up ROI and reduces own IT-facilities cost. We suggest flexible terms of collaboration and provide the highest quality of resulting product for lower cost than in Western countries

Creating commercial success

We are employee-owned and proud of what we are worth to our clients. We take personal responsibility for our commercial success, sharing and reinvesting our rewards.

By developing our people while remaining committed to our core values, we create a brighter future for our people, our organisation and our clients.

High quality

We believe in quality solutions. Our advantages are the team of talented professionals blended by effective communications, reliable solutions and time management. Due to these trumps we deliver output that matches highest international standards. Selecting Miaz-Tech means; you select quality

Wide coverage

We provide various packages of IT services in a configuration which is the most suitable client’s needs. You can order full software development lifecycle or execution of its part as well. You can lease ready-to-work team of professionals with a full set of required skills. And finally, we can take care about the support of your business IT-infrastructure. With our help you are always ready to meet any market challenges fully armed

Passionate about people

We are proud to be part of a team of brilliant people – our firm’s most prized asset. We are passionate about supporting each other in our continued growth to fulfil our ambitions.

Inspired by client value

We are committed to creating visible and sustained value for our clients. We are proud of our clients and what they think of us; we build long lasting relationships with them, responding to and anticipating their needs.


We have over 10 years experience in Architecture, Design & Development for Analytical & Business Intelligence Systems in Oracle , Microsoft, SAP framework.

Data Migration

Oracle BI 10g/11g/12c

Primavera P6

MS BI Stack


Big Data/Data Lakes


Skills in Architecture, Design & Development for Analytical & BI Systems in MS and Oracle framework.

Our industry focus enables us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client.


Our industry focus enables us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client.