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Data Science

At IDB Solutions Consulting we know how to scientifically mash a large quantity of data with statistical analysis techniques to transform data into useful information and insight.

Our consultants are known as the specialist big data scientist and will help your company predict the future of your company.

Want to understand why your competitors are gaining a competitive edge? Let our consultants help find the patterns and signals from potentially noisy data.

Getting started…

Stage One – Analysing the data science opportunity

Stage Two – Work with you to build a quantitative business case

Stage Three – Presentation of the business case to executive decision makers

Stage Four – The combination of several factors from statistics, operational research to Business intelligence and human factors in order to create a leading and bespoke scientific model.

Stage Five – Robust testing, ensuring the model translates into your business on every level.

Stage Six – Launch

To see how our data sciences can mix the right elements for your big data contact us today.

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