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Our development centers are situated in Nottingham (UK) and Lahore (PAK). Hardware facilities include 4+ development workstations and 15 servers. Offices are connected to 150mbit/s Internet channel. Our infrastructure enables us to carry out projects of any complexity fully at our site or at customer’s site as well. Our geographical location provides us with a number of unique opportunities, which make significant input to our strength. The main advantages are :

  • High-skilled IT community. Nottingham/Lahore is one of the major centers of education and science intensive industry. The city of Lahore is home to a number of good technical universities, and some refer to the city as the Silicon Valley of South Asia. Number of high technical institutions educate thousands experts in natural sciences, military industry, aviation and space technologies, and Information Technologies. Local IT specialists master all technical skills required for new software development and for migration from legacy platforms.
  • Fundamental education. Unlike in other offshoring centers (e.g. India and Phillipine) education of Lahore/Nottingham IT specialists is of fundamental character. As a rule graduates from Lahore/Nottingham’s universities possess high skills in software engineering, software development lifecycle, system analysis, discrete and computational mathematics, artificial intelligence and other Computer Science domains. Many engineers come to IT from applied mathematics and mathematical physics as disciplines very close to IT. That is why UK/PAK IT people demonstrate excellent results in solution of complex programming problems that require creative approach, advanced logic thinking and expertise in adjacent domains. As well they are good in project management, research and creation of new technologies, business process analysis, system architecture design, and quality assurance.